About Modern Ride Shop

About us

l'equipe Modern Ride de sortie Drift Trike Modern Ride Distribution was set up by two passionate devotees of alternative sports, Julien and Stéphane.

After a number of years enjoying a wide range of sports including downhill mountain biking, snowboarding, jet skiing, quad biking, surfing and longboarding among many others, both for leisure and competitively, we got together around the equally exciting emerging phenomenon, DRIFT TRIKING.

Why Modern Ride Shop?

We discovered this new discipline 4 years ago and at first we wanted to start off by making Drift Trikes ourselves, as many Drift Trikers in France currently do. But it quickly become obvious that the sport sorely lacked products and professionals who could gather and offer a catalogue of products dedicated to Drift Trikes.

Therefore with this concern for professionalism in mind, and to make Drift Trikes accessible to as many people as possible, we decided to embark on the Modern Ride adventure. Today we are proud to be the exclusive French importer and distributor for TRIAD DRIFT BIKE, a global key player in the TRIKE world (TRIAD products meet European standards). We also sell other brands including Kenny Racing, Spank, Dartmoor and Jet Wheels, which allows us to offer a wide range of accessories and rider gear as well as all the spare parts essential for building or customizing your Drift Bike.


Passionate Drift Trikers at your service!

l'equipe Modern Ride de sortie Drift Trike Marketing products is not the sole purpose of Drift Trike Modern Ride. It is also an organization of enthusiasts who aim to provide solutions to drift trikers looking for products that meet their needs. It also works every day to promote Drift Trikes locally, regionally and nationally.

For Modernrideshop.com we have selected a range of products tailored to the requirements of the sport, which take account of the essential criteria of value for money, reliability, comfort and design.

Our design office and network of suppliers can also support clubs and communities with projects to make Drift Trike on a small scale (design, planning, manufacture).

Happy Drift Triking !